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And a columnist of the French daily newspaper Le Monde laughed at the organizers – accused as a result for having organized a conference on the re-foundation of African thought in a highly symbolic place of French neo-colonialism in Africa.

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I am reminded of Chris Hani, the anti-apartheid black activist, a member of the African National Congress, who advised his party to refuse at all costs the teaching of Afrikaans to black students. I found them totally ridiculous when they made all a din around sending taikonauts into space.

Certainly it’s beautiful, but it does not mean anything.

They have merely followed what the West has already produced.

Now they are preparing to go to Mars, just to exhibit their power. What is the real value of spending billions of dollars on Mars?We see it in our everyday speech, when we refer to grown women as “girls”; in how we treat senior citizens, when we place them in adult care centres where they’re forced to surrender their autonomy and privacy; and in the way school personnel and parents treat teenagers, refusing to acknowledge their intelligence and need for autonomy, restricting their freedom, and limiting their ability to enter the workforce. Frankfurt School scholars such as Herbert Marcuse, Erich Fromm and other critical theorists suggest that – like individuals – a society can also suffer from arrested development.In their view, adults’ failure to reach emotional, social or cognitive maturity is not due to individual shortcomings. A return to innocence Visiting America in 1946, French anthropologist Claude Lévi-Strauss commented on the endearingly infantile traits of American culture.What does China really bring to the world of the 21st century? If you regularly watch TV, you’ve probably seen a cartoon bear pitching you toilet paper, a gecko with a British accent selling you auto insurance and a bunny in sunglasses promoting batteries. Sure, it makes sense to use cartoon characters to sell products to kids – a phenomenon that’s been well-documented.Reacting to my criticism on Facebook of the Chronicle in the French daily newspaper Le Monde, mainly to the reaction of a Cameroonian writer-poet who would like – Oh, supreme idiocy!– that African writers set up their own houses in order not to depend on the influence of France, Sami Tchak said to me: »Western patterns of thought further undermine those in Africa and elsewhere in the world who do not have sufficient intellectual resources to understand all forms of dependence and domination of which they are the victims.– to claim as a due cunnilingus, whereas five decades ago my grandfather would give a horrific cry if my grandmother dared to request him to visit the eminence of her Mount Venus. It is difficult to hate and fight cleanly the oppressor when his language is nearly your native language.It comes to my mind the express requests of my friends to bring them sex toys from Stuttgart when I talked to them on Whatsapp about the business of erotic gadgets in the red light district of Sankt Pauli! I am reminded of these remarks by Sami Tchak (I quote from memory) in a Bobigny restaurant: »Just like the Africans, the Chinese do not have an autonomous thought because of the absence of an area of freedom.Having left for Paris with great certainty as to the devastating effects of post-colonialism, which has hampered the development of our countries, I came back distraught.I promised the editors of Schlosspost his portraiture and the reading notes for his essay (L’Ethnologue et le Sage, Editions Maganga 2013), but just as a teaser, I would blame myself if I didn’t deliver this note of my journal.


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