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Animal Testing: Cosmetics and Toiletries Animal testing is the use of non-human animals in a variety of experiments (Wikipedia, 2005) Many experiments aim to test certain substances to determine their effect on humans, or to test medical or psychological hypotheses. Scientists do not love to put animals to testing for no reason whatever. Rowan - Article Title: Ethical Review and Te Animal Care and Use Committee. Animal testing has been proved to be beneficial regarding a lot of diseases and this cannot be denied by anyone. Notice, however, the animals used in testing, rodents, birds and fish, aren’t protected by the AWA. In the scientific case studies toward medical research and disease prevention, such as polio, rabies, brain cancer, the animals are not being treated inhumanely, as information from the Humane Society and PETA states.

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Animal testing has been around since at least 500 BC and in the last 100 years most medical breakthroughs regarding treatments and life-saving cures to ailments have resulted from research using animals, according to the California Biomedical Research Association.

The World Medical Association Declaration of Helsinki, states it’s unethical to test on human volunteers unnecessarily before first testing on animals.

Many political and scientific figures state that animals don’t have rights, as they do not have the capability nor cognitive awareness to make moral judgments.

However, Bolivia’s new protection for their social and economical respect for nature makes them the first country to give legal rights to nature in the hopes to improve the quality of life to the Bolivian people.

(Cover Story)." Drug Discovery & Development 13.4 (2010): 10-13.

"Why We Need Alternatives." Chronicle Of Higher Education 57.12 (2010): B9-B10. Most Human Diseases Are Unique to Us, and Testing on Other Species Is Downright Misleading.

In the coming years, hopefully, more regulations can be passed to ensure that all animal’s lives are protected during experimentation.

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"Ethical And Scientific Considerations Regarding Animal Testing And Research." Plos One 6.9 (2011): e24059. Proponents and opponents constantly argue over both ethical concerns and the effectiveness of the practice of using animals for scientific research. [Read More] References Anonymous - Animal Testing 101.

Animal testing is a very controversial and well-researched topic. There are legislations that prevent any cruelty and thus animals are kept under humane……


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