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It is not equal for only some people to wear hideous masks and some people to wear ear pieces and some people to wear weights, it would be if every single person had a hideous mask or ear piece or weight that weighed the same.Every day, millions of people of all races, colors, ages and creeds fight for equality throughout the world.The title of an essay should represent the essay in some way. On the one hand we desire people to do their best and then in practice we set handicaps on people to prevent success.

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It is not equal for any person to have heavier weights than another, though it would be equal if everyone had the same size weights.

Think "differently abled" rather than "handicapped." Be sure to use direct quotes from the story to support your opinions and links to other work you have written.

Harrison Bergeron Essay Have you ever wondered what the world would be like if everyone was legally forced into the governments opinion of equality?

The questions are designed to help you find support from the text to write your essay. Vigilance, handicap, sashweights, luminous, calibrated, symmetry, consternation, cowered, hobbled, synchronizing, flounced, capered, gamboled.

Look up any other words you need to and add them to your list. How does this change our perception if instead we used the words: "differently abled" when referring to people we have referred to as "handicapped"?


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