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Bonus: this website also can help you to get the accurate character number and learn how to spell words.

This tool will help you to find the answer on the question “How to see how many words you typed?

” The app would provide you with detailed statistics on word count: syllables, sentences, unique words, average word and sentence length, difficult words, etc.

You will also find all the necessary stats on your text readability.

Also, you can install a browser extension to check your writing for style, spelling and grammar problems.

Text Fixer is a well-known online service for writers, SEO specialists and marketers.

You can save drafts and access to the stats: unique words, average word and sentence length, etc.

Well, you’ve been assigned to write a 2,500 - 3,000 words.

Here’s another service that will count text length online.

The tool will immediately provide you with word and character count.


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