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Let's figure out how to save not only time but also money on writing assignments. So you might want to subscribe to our group on Facebook or follow us on Twitter and you’ll receive an updated info about our discounts available. There are still few more ways to grab your discount You may ask… Keep reading to learn more about our loyalty program. The second in our list of custom writing services, which provide discounts to their customers is the Rush Essay service.

What you also need to know is that this policy has a disadvantage and that is you not getting a discount for your first five orders.

Paper quality Every customer wants a high-quality content for their money.

Top Essay offers an affordable price to their customers with a starting price of $12.99 per page.

If you’re looking for an average priced company, then this is what you’re looking for.

If they delivered high-quality papers, the rates of Top Essay would be considered fair.

We tried to order one paper from them and after we received it, we saw that the content was bad. The rate wasn’t that affordable considering the fact that we didn’t enjoy any discount, but it can still be considered average.The services that they offer are essays, term papers, UK essays, research papers, book reviews, book reports, dissertations, coursework, editing and proofreading.A lot of commonly assigned papers are not included in this list such as lab reports and movie reviews.But after those changes, we decided to edit it ourselves because it still had a lot of errors.Conclusion We can conclude that Top Essay is a legit custom writing company that asks their clients for a pretty reasonable price when it comes to academic content.When it comes to the deadline, they actually delivered the paper right on time.Even though it was formatted very well, it still required a lot of proofreading since it had a lot of errors.That just means that new customers cannot grab or enjoy a discounted rate for their first ordered papers.This can be very disappointing but we found out that the company’s loyalty program is outstanding.This only means that Top Essay isn’t the cheapest essay writing service you’ll find on the market.The company’s lowest price starts at a rate of .99 for essay writing, while the most expensive rate is around .99 per page for a similar academic paper.


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