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The last example is “Poll tax non-payment” in central London started on 31st of March 1990.

People refused to register as taxpayers what severely affected the work of the Conservative Party (Seymour 2012).

Finally, the group of the people, headed by Gandhi, started the campaign in which they were gathering the salt and transporting it without paying the taxes.

This campaign ended up very tragically, and tens of thousands people were arrested (Seymour 2012).

The second campaign called “Extremadura” took place in Spain in 1936 year during the election campaign.

The landlessness was such an acute problem in the country that peasants started to seizure the land lots without waiting for the decision from the new authorities.It was in the USA, and it was held in coal mines and textile plants.When the number of the working places was reduced, and the salaries were cut, the workers started to rebel by calling everybody to leave their places or occupy the premises to prevent the factories from functioning properly (Seymour 2012).Among them is sabotaging business activities by not buying and boycotting some products or services. For example, to stop the producers from using animals for testing their goods. 2016 4. According to Rawls, the civil disobedience does not carry the danger itself being not a threat but the act of disagreement and admonishment (Moraro 2007). The first one is called “restraining,” when the public wants to prevent the government from taking some actions, and the second is aimed at persuading the society to take some measures (Moraro 2007). Different types of the civil disobedience are held every day. The government then legalized this occupation post factum to avoid further protests.The third example of civil disobedience is called Flying pickets and sit-ins.They all can be divided into passive and active types. (“History and types of Civil Disobedience”) All the actions that are aimed at breaking the law have consequences.


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