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Cleopatra was a third born daughter, born in Alexandria in 69 B. Ptolemy XIII, her younger brother, got engaged in the kingdom governance with Cleopatra.Her life history is among the greatest stories in history, not only due to her exceptional romance, but since she was greatly in love of Egypt (Grochowski, 2005).She did not want to be embarrassed and this led her take her life.

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She planned to be covered inside a carpet that was intended to be delivered to Julius Caesar.

When the carpet was unwrapped, she came out and directly charmed him and during the same day, Caesar was seduced by Cleopatra, although he was married.

She portrayed several excellent characteristics of a role model that embraced, but not limited to, her objective, aptitude, personality, and royalty.

Her role model features particularly included shining academically, politically, romantically, and understood different languages.

Egyptian traditions greatly treasured education of which the Ptolemy era highly valued and reinforced this custom.

Women were inspired by Cleopatra to create courage and importance of schooling (Harrella, 2011).She was an insightful politician with an exceptional charisma, but was not good-looking and possessed mannish qualities (Bianchi, 2011).Ptolemy XII, the father of Cleopatra, died in 51 B.She had also exceptional ability and knowledge that helped her as a woman to be portrayed by society as an outstanding person.Colourful traits of Cleopatra had a major influence on the women’s role in the traditional society and the current women’s position.Additionally, she further inspired different interests in the society and strong impact remained in art history.Cleopatra played a great part in the production of a new art culture and practices.However, she did not surrender her throne effortlessly and she started building an army on the border of Egypt to be equipped to attack and overrule her brother.Cleopatra formulated a strategy to meet Julius Caesar on her personal conditions looking for a political coalition and a way of going back to the throne.They eventually became lovers and Cleopatra was connected with the Roman Empire.The death of Cleopatra is among the most celebrated and well-known ever and after she prepared burial for Antony, she was captured as prisoners with her children, but they were taken care by the authority.


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