Essays On Gender Roles In Advertisements

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The following image continues in the line of sex appeal with a makeup ad.

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It can be safe to state that woman are seen as sexual, fragile, exotic—whereas men are portrayed as tough, in control, and aggressive.

This trend can be one seen as an inhibitor to the advancement of our culture, because especially for women, it is hard to pull away from the stereotypes that are continuously represented.

In the modern culture of today, women have begun to break out of the mold that which society has placed her in.

This much can’t be said when it comes to modern gender representation in mass media advertising.

As a re-iteration of presented thesis, sexuality and a woman’s body image is manifested throughout the ad.

The physical beauty of this individual is the central focus.

It is quite evident that gender, sexuality and advertising are all directly linked with one another.

The construction of gender, which is where a girl learns to be a girl and where a boy learns to be a boy depending on what society has taught us about each of the genders is concurrent with the construction of the consumer, which is what a female should be wanting to buy to increase her femininity and what a male should be wanting to buy to increase his masculinity.

A question that comes to mind when viewing this image is—who is this ad really geared towards?

It would be assumed that a makeup ad would be created to attract females, so why would it need to be sexual? of 77%, with females only making on average of 77% what a male makes.


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