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In some respects, Little Women is also a child-rearing guidebook.When Marmee's harvesting time came, she had three happy well-rounded children and a fourth with God.As an undergraduate preparing to write a thesis on 19th-century American girls’ literature, I read many so-called sentimental novels.

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Most importantly, she let them make the choices for their life and did not sway their decisions once the girls made them.

Little Women today remains a classic because it shows that every young person goes through trials and decision points.

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Death's of loved ones, family crisis's, and the mending of broken hearts are something all young people go through and are acturatly portrayed in Alcott's novel.

Most importantly, readers today remain inspired by Jo's commitment to her writing, Meg's devotion to her family, and Beth's willingness to help the ones she loves.

As the novel ends, the three sisters gather with their husbands as a family.

Little Women is a coming of age story of four sisters in Civil War New England.

Together they face hardships and poverty all the while trying to reach their Castles in the Air.

More than that however, Little Women is a morality tale.


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