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The free Facts Files and Fact sheets provide interesting, amazing, fun facts and information, together with pictures, photos and a fun video.A reconstructed Viking Age longhouse (28.5 metres long).

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Fun Facts on Vikings for Kids Looking for help with homework and school?

Find out fast, fun facts and interesting information using our useful fact files, fact sheets and funny videos on each of the Viking Subjects.

It is late m­orning at a monastery on the coast of Ireland. From the shore comes a cry of alarm -- dragon boats have appeared on the horizon, approaching quickly with wind filling their sails.

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In ancient Scandinavia and Germanic Europe a mead hall or feasting hall was initially simply a large building with a single room.

From the fifth century to early medieval times such a building was the residence of a lord and his retainers.

They came first, historians believe, to the Holy Island of Lindisfarne - in Northumbria - where they raided the Lindisfarne Priory.

Terrified monks escaped, taking with them two of the monastery's most valuable treasures: the Cross of St.

Sometimes, instead of fighting the Vikings, the Anglo-Saxons decided it was better to pay them money so they’d stay away.

Many Vikings were good sailors because they lived close to rivers and fjords (sea inlets).


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