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I knew there must be a better way to write business plans for movies that would actually make sense, be understood in plain English and explain the financials to veteran film investors and brand new film investors. Take the time to listen and re-listen to her words of wisdom as you’ll save yourself months of painful business plan writing by simply following Stacey’s easy to follow plan. "- Victoria Westcott, Producer"The Film Specific Business Plan Boot Camp is a must if you want to take control of your projects.Stacey offers nuts-and-bolts information, advice, and statistics you won’t find elsewhere, and reverse engineers the process from the investor’s point of view. "- Maria Collis, Leomark Studios"The Business Plan Bootcamp was incredibly important in terms of deepening my knowledge of the business side of producing.

Most films will require some form of private equity, whether you’re using it to fully finance your budget or partially in conjunction with other funding sources."The Film Finance Business Plan Accelerator was richly rewarding and I would highly recommend it to anyone who’s serious about learning about this aspect of the film industry.

Stacey’s a great communicator, highly organized and her immense experience gives you the confidence to know you’re in the hands of a real expert.

Not the $100m box office from a similar blockbuster you pulled from the trades.

Here is where you can shine and show the investor how much thought and effort you have put into your project. Ensure you have “substance” in your plan – namely, clear statements about the commerciality of your film, extensive discussion on your approach to marketing/distribution.

And she’s willing to share insight and advice that equates to a complete and well packaged business plan.

The additional perks for attending the course are many: a membership to filmspecific.com, templates, examples, the forum, etc.

Make an effort to customize your plan to suit your film and your vision but ensure all the necessary material/information is still included Again we see generic statements about marketing and distribution but it is not specific to what you want to do and how you plan to achieve it.

Describe in detail your marketing plan and approach (posters/trailers/sell sheets/youtube/social networking/publicity/website/magazine interviews etc) and also be specific how you intend to acquire distribution – outline a strategy.

Utilize information/data you have accumulated on similar films and similar budget levels to support your projections.

: Remember when you discuss data make sure that it relates to the budget level of your film and that it is not data relating to studio films.


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