First Amendment Essay Rubric

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Speech-plus is not generally protected as strictly as is pure speech, because actions can be physically dangerous.

The courts have ruled that demonstrators may not obstruct traffic, endanger public safety, or trespass illegally.

Standards Addressed: History-Social Science12.2.1 Discuss the meaning and importance of each of the rights guaranteed under the Bill of Rights and how each is secured (e.g., freedom of religion, speech, press, assembly, petition, privacy).12.5.1 Understand the changing interpretations of the Bill of Rights over time, including interpretations of the basic freedoms (religion, speech, press, petition, and assembly) articulated in the First Amendment and the due process and equal-protection-of-the-law clauses of the Fourteenth Amendment.12.5.4 Explain the controversies that have resulted over changing interpretations of civil rights, including those in Plessy v.

References: Students Sue School Over 'I [Heart] Boobies' Bracelets By BARBARA LEONARD PHILADELPHIA (CN Lawsuit) ACLU: Suspension Over Nose Piercing Is Illegal RALEIGH, N.

In 1802, when he was President, he wrote the opinion that the First Amendment's freedom of religion clause was designed to build "a wall of separation between Church and State." Court cases that address freedom of religion have dealt with the rejection of prayer in public schools, the denial of aid to parochial schools, the banning of polygamy (the practice of having more than one wife), the restriction of poisonous snakes and drugs in religious rites, and limiting the right to decline medical care for religious purposes.

Free speech is one of the most cherished liberties, but free speech often conflicts with other rights and liberties.Usually, a group must apply for a permit, but a government must grant a permit provided that officials have the means to prevent major disruptions.For over 100 years after the ratification of the Constitution, the First Amendment protected these freedoms only in theory.Notice that the phrase "separation of church and state" does not appear in the First Amendment, nor is it found anywhere else in the Constitution.Most people do not realize that the phrase was actually coined later by Thomas Jefferson.The courts have ruled that the government may not censor information before it is written and published, except in the most extreme cases of national security.Freedom of assembly and petition are closely related to freedom of speech, and have been protected in similar ways.Electronic Frontier Foundation The Electronic Frontier Foundation was founded in 1990 to ensure that the principles embodied in the U. Constitution and the UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights are protected as new communications technologies emerge.The EFF provides legal help to people who feel their "cyberspeech" rights are violated, and publicize instances of government attempts to censor the Internet.Symbolic speech technically involves no speech at all, but it involves symbols that the courts have judged to be forms of free expression.Symbolic actions such as wearing black armbands in school and draft-card burning fit this category.


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