Foot Binding Essay

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The feet would then have to be unwrapped and cleaned only to be bound again one hour later.

Once the feet were fleshy and rotten, incredibly small shoes called lotus shoes could shape them.

It would take about two years for the foot to reach its model of three inches.

Often, a girl would unwrap her feet after a few days because of the enormous amount of pain and pressure against her foot.


You can actually visit parts of the world featured in this lesson: Scenes from China, 2015 – supplementary photos to enhance a sense of place.This is where the term that described the woman s foot as a, golden lotus, came from (Chinn, 38).Pretty soon, word spread from the palace to the nobility, which was then passed down to the lower classes (who did their best to imitate) (Chinn, 38).The Chinese Xinhua News Agency announced, in 1998, that the last factory to manufacture shoes for bound-feet women in Harbin, China, had ended production (Chinn, 38).Finally, after a millennia, China has changed its customs and bound feet are rarely seen anywhere except on old Chinese women born in the early 20th century.This would cause the shrinking process to take longer and the mother would just have to redo it again.After a few months, the flesh of the foot would become rotten and portions of it would slough off from the sole; sometimes one or more toes dropped off.The fetish of one emperor spread to become a fetish of his whole dynasty.In 1644, the Manchurians tried to ban foot binding, but never were able to enforce it (Mo-ch n, 65).Transmissions from the Emperor’s Heavenly Ford Volume One – A diary of my time teaching English in China, originally published as a zine in 2011.Transmissions from the Emperor’s Heavenly Ford Volume Two – A diary of my time teaching English in China, originally published as a zine in 2011.


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