Freakonomics Essay

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Their satisfaction in spending less to buy a desired item indicates how incentives work by influencing an individual’s decision making ability.Abortions are often procured by women unable to provide for a child, and had those children been born, they would be 50 percent more likely to live in poverty and therefore resort to crime.The book explains an opposite case study, in Romania, where abortion was made illegal.Much like large corporations, the highest-ranking members take the lion’s share of profits.This is described as a “winner-take-all” labor market.These rankings are determined at bimonthly tournaments, where a certain minimum number of wins are required.Contrary to expectations, often times wrestlers with more wins lose to those that require one more win to advance.Distinctly black names do correlate to a lower quality of life, but more because these names more often stem from low-income, low-education households than because of the names themselves.However, the résumé study does indicate that by choosing “white” names over “black” names, society is reinforcing existing stereotypes and perpetuating the black-white achievement gap.By the 1940s, while the Klan was no longer as violent as it had been in the past, its mysterious aura and fear rhetoric still held a large sway over the American public.So, a journalist named Stetson Kennedy infiltrated the Klan and disseminated its secrets via a popular radio program, turning mystique into ridicule and dropping its membership drastically.


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