Freshman Year Vs Senior Year Essay

Sophomores are usually fifteen going on sixteen, which means they can get their license.Later on in the year, sophomores also have to take the California High School Exit Exam, another important test sophomores add to their agenda.

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Because they haven’t taken multiple AP classes before, they are trying to adjust their new schedule to make time for each class. The pressure of facing your-whole-life-is-ahead-so-don’t-mess-it-up is nerve wrecking.

Junior year is the year most students take the ACTs and SATs.

In freshmen year, you’re introduced to high school and you’re just learning the ropes of it, you’re also “babied” most of the time.

When you become a sophomore, you get hit with more work than you thought.

There are times that the home stretch of a race is often the most difficult.

Well, think of the last year of high school as the home stretch… Think that freshmen year is hard because that student does not know what to do? Some students have academically exhausted themselves from the previous year and somehow manage to spend their time lollygagging in order to regain what energy they had that was lost.

No doubt that sophomores, juniors, and seniors have their struggles, but remember the challenges freshmen face, because everyone has experienced it.

Without saying freshmen year is hardest, I will say it is no piece of cake.

Junior Year By Jenna Clemente There is a constant battle of which grade in high school is harder. Junior year is the first year where students start to take more than one AP class.

They are new to taking multiple AP classes and are trying to juggle all their classes. Teachers are also trying to prep you for college so they are harder on you. Juniors realize college is coming and they need to prepare for that.” says, Junior, Anna Bruns. Colleges look mainly on junior year to see if a student is academically eligible for their school.


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