Healthcare Business Plans

The students had the opportunity to visit the AT&T Healthcare Foundry in Houston — a research and development center that develops innovative digital platforms to improve human health.

The teams presented business plans for AT&T to provide Accountable Care Organizations — ACOs — and hospital systems end-to-end solutions.

Kukiz also said that the project gave students a taste of what managing people is like and — since the uncertainty of the final outcome often created tense moments — opportunities to use their conflict-resolution skills.

Classmate Mallory Bing, enrolled in the traditional master’s in system engineering and management (SEM) program that is delivered through an equal partnership between the Jindal and Jonsson Schools, brought an engineer’s perspective to the project.

One team had a plan that would provide diabetes patients a smartphone-enabled “smart” glucometer.

The smart glucometer securely transmits data to all the providers on the patient’s team so that they can help insure normal insulin levels and avoid acute episodes, which would require emergency care.

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A second team put forward a plan that would provide Medicare patients with smart medication bottles and dispensers with embedded Io T solutions that would alert patients and responsible caregivers to missed doses.

And a third team discovered a potential market for AT&T to enable ACOs to provide an end-to-end solution for early breast-cancer detection through the use of the “i TBra,” a device that measures how heat is generated in breast tissue.


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