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The result got mathematicians really excited about the problem again after it had languished in the literature for a quarter century.

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When students get asked about what subject they hate the most, the majority of them would answer Math.

There’s just something about computing numbers, finding unknowns, and graphing equations that students find nearly impossible to understand.

The 4chan proof outlines how to find the smallest possible number of episodes for the solution. An even bigger breakthrough came earlier this month when sci-fi author and mathematician Greg Egan wrote up a proof that outlined how to find the largest possible number for any given superpermutation problem.

Pantone crunched the numbers of the and found that you’d need to watch at least 93,884,313,611 episodes to watch the season in any possible order.

It doesn’t require years of study to be good at it, either.

“It’s more accessible to amateur and casual mathematicians,” Houston says.A 4chan poster may have solved part of a very tricky math problem that mathematicians have been working on for at least 25 years.The user was just trying to figure out the most efficient way to watch episodes of a nonlinear anime series, but the result has generated considerable interest from mathematicians around the world who have no way to identify the anonymous user.In that case, you might be interested in a superpermutation, or all of the possible permutations of a set strung together.Think of it as the ultimate The branch of math that deals with permutations and superpermutations is called combinatorics.The episodes, which feature time travel and are otherwise chronologically challenging for the viewer, originally aired in a nonlinear order.When the series went to DVD, the episodes were rearranged, and it’s become something of an obsession for fans to rewatch the series over and over again, going through as many chronologies as possible.Now, mathematicians have a way to figure out the range of answers, and a group of them — including Houston and Pantone — are actively working to figure out a formula that combines Egan’s work and the anonymous proof into a cohesive formula.“It might be possible to crack the thing completely open,” Houston says.An anonymous poster figured out one possible way to solve to the 4chan problem, satisfying the more mathematically inclined wiki) is currently the most elegant solution to part of a mathematical problem involving something called superpermutations. In mathematics, a permutation is the order of a set of numbers.In anime terms, one permutation of superfan and watching the season once isn’t enough for you?


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