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We have written persuasive letters to Henry’s mum to convince her not to get rid of his nits and have also written our own stories based on Henry and his friends.

In Art lessons, we watched a video of Tony Ross (The illustrator of Horrid Henry) talking about how he draws his famous character.

When you are finished, click on “view statistics” and see how your performance helps your state and district.

Try to help your school or district obtain 1,000,000 correct multiplication problems and see where your state and district rank nationally in basic multiplication (according to this game).The resulting problem on the next step would be 5 6 – 2 and students would solve the last two problems before successfully saving the first of the royal family.This game is OUTSTANDING practice in order of operations and one of the only GAMES on the internet reinforcing this skills.Students have three minutes (or can play without a timer) to complete as many sales as possible by giving customers the correct change.The game is totally customizable and with different skill levels and hints/no hints.Then, choose the multiplication tables to practice.Answer as many multiplication facts as you can in two minutes.This section contains over 120 of the web's most awesome online math games!Use the filters on the left to see games sorted by grade level. When you click on a game, most have instructional videos that can be found in the related items slider under the game.We encourage all families to read with their children every night.Children take home levelled reading books as well as a library book each week.


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