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I started as an academic tutor for high school home-bound students in a local school district.Since then I have worked with students from kindergarten through adult who have wanted and needed to learn better writing skills to experience success at school or in the workplace.But how can an online writing tutor help them develop these skills?

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shares what to expect from a tutor, and how you can continue helping your child along the way…Once you and your tutor have determined what your child needs to work on, how can you as a parent help to teach those skills?Here are some specific writing strategies you can use to teach the skills listed above. Teach your child how to use graphic organizers to help outline ideas.In the classroom, the teacher doesn’t always have the time to work one-on-one with students.At home, parents who may well excel at teaching (and grading) math and other more straightforward subjects, are often uncomfortable critiquing their children’s writing.persuasive essays, descriptive essays, cause-effect, comparison-contrast, process analysis, narrative, poetry) 4.Big picture skills in writing: • Audience • Voice • Theme • Character development • Settings • Plot development • Unity and cohesion Writing strategies will vary depending on your child’s needs and interests, and most tutors will prioritize their tutoring around the areas which present the most difficulty for the individual student, or those that you as a parent request be specifically addressed."Tutoring here is really a microcosm of the liberal arts experience!As an econ major, I've tutored assignments on Dante, Bollywood Dance, and Igneous Petrology.We look for students who can: Peer Tutoring in Writing Courses: GS300: Theory and Practice of Peer Tutoring This course has two purposes: (1) to delve into the complex processes involved in writing and talking about writing; and (2) to prepare students to work as writing consultants in the Colorado College Writing Center.Key course themes include the theory and practice of writing, the theory and practice of tutoring, critical thinking, self-awareness, and team-building.


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