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At 3 lines per inch, this left room for 28 lines per page.

Double-spacing — 24 points per line or 3 lines per inch — became the norm in much writing, in particular legal writing.

On a standard letter-sized page, one left a one-inch top margin and a half-inch bottom margin, leaving 9.5 inches of usable space.

Combine that with standard word processor margins of one inch (top and bottom), and you’re left with 23 lines per page.

Even today, there is some confusion in the legal industry about whether “double-spaced” means 28 lines per page or 23 lines per page. The important part about line spacing is knowing how to edit it.

Particularly when you are dealing with multiple styles (headers, body text, block quotes, etc.), these features make “exactly” spaced text difficult to work with.

The math involved also means that at any “exactly” setting less than 15, Word is going to “clip” the bottom of the descenders.Just Download Classic Menu for Office 2007 or Classic Menu for Office Kutools for Word: 100 Powerful New Features for Word.Office Tab: Tabbed Editing and Browsing in Office, Just Like Chrome, Firefox, IE 8/9/10.If it is set to one line, each line of text will be written one after the other, with no extra space in between.If it is set to two lines, commonly referred to as "double spacing," each line of text will be followed by a line of white space with the next line of text below.By default, Word documents are single-spaced, so we should find out a fast way to double space the text.How to Bring Back Classic Menus and Toolbars to Office 2007, 2010, 2013, 2016 and 365?When you go into the Paragraph formatting panel in Word, there are six settings: Single, 1.5 lines, Double, At least, Exactly, and Multiple.Single, 1.5 lines, Double, and Multiple are all straightforward: the line spacing is 14 points, 21 points, 28 points, or 14 use the “Exactly” or “At Least” settings.The “Exactly” setting seems like it should be straightforward.If you want 2 points of space between each line of 12-point text, set “Exactly” to 14 points.


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