How To Measure Critical Thinking Skills

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The Ivy League professor who lost her driver’s license because she suffered another fender bender.The Fortune 500 CEO who was fired after an affair with his assistant.

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With that in mind, you’re likely wondering what you can do to make sure you’re not one of those people.

Developing your critical thinking skills is something that takes concentrated work.

Reasoning assessment should be done through conversations for kindergarten and first grade students. When assessing reasoning skills, do not provide support.

Beginning in second grade, activities that incorporate writing may be used. Give them the opportunity to demonstrate their understanding without help from teachers or other students.

Then read Jack and the Beanstalk retold and illustrated by Steven Kellogg. Next ask students according to the characteristics, was Jack a hero? Know what you are looking for to demonstrate different proficiency levels.

Each student should have a copy to follow along to read and look at the illustrations. Support your answer with specific evidence from the text. Here is an example of a scoring guide for grades 2 and 3 with different proficiency levels.

According to one 2016 survey, more than half of companies say that new employees aren’t sufficiently trained in effective forms of critical thinking.

To address these concerns, some schools are changing their ways.

Figuring out the tasks, isolating the skills, and knowing what you are actually assessing. If you are measuring reasoning, focus on reasoning.

Here is a summary of the key components for assessing critical thinking in even very young students. Do not focus on other skills, such as spelling, punctuation, or grammar.


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