How To Solve A Log Problem

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A good place to start debugging is to track the value of your variables.

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Add as many logs as you like, as they are free to use and provide a means to search through the flow of data within your program while and after it runs.

Add in breakpoints to watch as variables in your code are declared, instantiated, assigned values, or altered.

If you get an error or warning message, take a moment to read through it.

Many simple, but unapparent, problems will be made clear, and you will now have a point from which to start your search for a solution to more complex problems.

Don't spend more than an hour trying to solve a problem on your own.

After you've exhausted online resources, talk to your neighbors.

It hasn’t been stated in the Bible or any other ancient text that problems do not affect human beings, so it is rather peculiar when you see someone in a coffee shop having a meltdown because the internet is not working.

Here is basic template to solve most problems that you may encounter: When the problem hits, your instinct is to panic and hope for a quick fix that ends it for all eternity, but most problems can’t be immediately solved, and expecting to solve them in such a manner will just increase the intensity of your panic.

Try to apply this priciple at each scope of your code.

Ensure every variable, function, class, or other element you name is clearly descriptive of what it holds, returns, or does.


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