How To Write A Assignment

When you write your paper, you should provide a fair summary of the position stated in the article, whether you're agreeing with it or not.In an argumentative essay you must support your own viewpoint When you're asked to analyze a literary work, or one aspect of a literary work, stay close to the text.

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You'll use quotations from the work in your paper, so highlight those passages or lines that might be particularly effective.

Generally, when you write an essay on a nonliterary text, you focus on the content and the quality of the author's arguments.

Include outside research if allowed by the assignment.

Be sure to cite material from other sources, just as you would in a research paper.

When a college application asks for an autobiographical essay, your purpose will be to describe the traits, experiences, interests, achievements, and goals that show you're a good candidate for college admission.

First, take notes about yourself, including things that emphasize your individuality.In each of these areas, you can learn some basic skills that will make the assignment easier.Step one is always the same: Make sure you understand the requirements of the assignment.A research paper is similar to other writing assignments.You should have a topic, thesis, introduction, good organization, unified and coherent paragraphs, transitions, and so on.If a topic is not assigned, identify a subject that interests you.Refer to your text book, a lecture, a hobby you have that relates to the subject, something that you are curious about.A research paper should consist of a series of quotations or footnoted facts loosely strung together.Unlike other essays, a research paper depends on the use and citation of several sources of information, such as reference books, books related to your subject, relevant journal and magazine articles, speeches, and lectures.At this point, you are gathering information, so don't worry about organizing your observations.If you haven't yet written a sentence stating a main idea, try to do so now.


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