How To Write An Essay For Graduate School

Reading your graduate school personal statement or statement of purpose is the best way for the admissions committee to determine whether you would be a good fit for their program.Remember, they’re trying to get a holistic view of your intellectual character, your ambitions, and your academic skills.Statement of purpose, personal statement, candidate’s admission statement …

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If you were honored with an award, describe the award and what you did to achieve recognition.It ranks up there with other false personal statement and application tips like the advice that you should leave your recommenders alone.Like that unhelpful tip, writing that kind of personal statement can prove detrimental to your grad school application. “Why I want to go to grad school” is a fundamentally forward-thinking question.So, don’t hesitate to go beyond narrow academic experience when searching for essay topics.Feel free to discuss events or successes outside of school that have nonetheless helped to define your professional or academic life.Second, the application essay gives you the opportunity to present the admissions committee with more of a “three-dimensional” perspective of yourself as a deserving candidate than GPA and GRE numbers possibly can.What you choose to write sends clear signals about what’s important to you and what your values are.Should you explain, at some point in your personal statement, why you want to go to grad school? Grad schools don’t want to admit someone who applies grudgingly, or who only wants to attend because the real world is scary and grad school seems like a good way to pass the time. To answer it, you have to talk about what you want to do and who you want to become.You might have promising visions and compelling aspirations, but grad schools don’t admit the person you’ll become. That’s who they want to get to know through this piece of your application.It is for this reason that your graduate school admissions essays need to be authentic and exceptional.For something as important as your grad school essay, you're going to want expert input.


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