Ideal Problem Solving

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We begin with an awareness that an answer probably exists and that by proper thinking, a solution can be found. They may be achieved by trial and error or by rote.

A number of different approaches to problem solving can be identified. Trial and error: If I forget the combination to my bike lock, I may be able to discover it by trial and error.

Karl Duncker, German psychologists, found that there were two phases to successful problem solving. A solution that correctly states the requirements for success but not in sufficient detail for further action. This is another example of trial-and-error problem solving in which all possibilities are tried.

One discovers the general properties of a correct solution (one who understands the general properties of the puzzle can solve it consistently) 3. Typically, heuristics reduce the number of alternatives that a thinker must consider.

The quicker the solution, the greater the feelings of achievement. We get drawn to quick fixes not only in our jobs, but also in our private lives, in our relationships, and even in politics and international relationships.

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The Psychology of Problem Solving Quick fixes don’t require any mental energy. They are our knee jerk reactions to the problems we face.

In more complex problem solving, heuristics do not guarantee success, but they certainly help.

Here are some strategies that often work: - Try to identify how the current state of affairs differs from the desired goal. - Try working backward from the desired goal to the starting point or current state.

In either case, the ideal solution is a great guide. It’s like a north star that shows you the direction you need to go towards. You are running around in circles like a headless chicken. Conclusion Favoring ideal solutions over quick fixes is counter-intuitive, but it benefits your personal life as well as your professional life.

In order to develop sustainable businesses, managers need to stop demanding and rewarding quick fixes and ask for ideal solutions from their employees.


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