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At least four made-for-television productions were also completed. These include a 1965 version that starred John Randolph, Melvyn Douglas, and Murray Hamilton, a 1988 NBC production starring Kirk Douglas and Darren Mc Gavin (Moore 1998, p. Howard tells Melinda that her father originated as what?

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From about the mid-1960s to today, both are used specifically to marginalize a creationist worldview.

Putatively written to respond to the “threat to intellectual freedom” that some people believed existed during the so-called Mc Carthy era, the focus of the play is on mocking creationists (Moore 1998, p. The distorted portrayal of the attorney defending the Butler act, Bryan, and the portrayal of Christians are secondary, but are still important to the implied message that the creation worldview is erroneous, and the evolution worldview valid.

The Scopes Trial, often called the Trial of the Century, is the most famous confrontation between creationists and evolutionists.

The trial involved a challenge by the ACLU to a law passed in Tennessee that forbid teachers to teach as fact the idea that humans evolved from lower primates (Johnson 2001).

One reason for the play’s success was because the Academy Award winner George C. A visit to Dayton: The site remains a pleasant sleepy town, but to the bestial cause of the Scopes Trial stirs again.

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Scott played the role of Scopes lead attorney Clarence Darrow.

The large number of showings of the movie and productions of the plays, both in the United States and internationally, is one good reason for an objective review of the play/movie.

The play/movie is especially relevant today in view of the worldwide 2009 Charles Darwin celebrations—due to the fact that Darwin’s book The Origin of Species was published in 1859, or 150 years ago.

Because Butler believed that Darwinism hurt this goal, the act was designed to forbid only the teaching of human evolution.

The Butler Act was just one of many laws attempting to limit or forbid the teaching of evolution.


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