Intermediate Accounting Problem Solving Survival Guide

Intermediate Accounting Problem Solving Survival Guide-87
After revaluing noncurrent assets to zero, there was still some "negative goodwill." Proper accounting treatment by Easton is to report the amount as a. The sum of the market or appraised values of identifiable assets acquired less the fair value of liabilities assumed exceeded the cost to Easton. capitalized either when purchased or created internally.

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Easton was able to acquire Lofton at a bargain price.

it represents the purchase price of a business that is about to be sold. it is the difference between the fair market value of the net tangible and identifiable intangible assets as compared with the purchase price of the acquired business. the value of a business is computed without consideration of goodwill and then goodwill is added to arrive at a master valuation. it is the only account in the financial statements that is based on value, all other accounts are recorded at an amount other than their value. Easton Company and Lofton Company were combined in a purchase transaction.

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P These questions also appear in the Problem-Solving Survival Guide. * This topic is dealt with in an Appendix to the chapter.

Determine amount of worthless patent to be written off. CHAPTER 12 INTANGIBLE ASSETS TRUE-FALSE—Conceptual Answer F F F F T T T F T T T F T T F F T F T F No. MULTIPLE CHOICE—Conceptual Answer c b d d b d c d b c a c b a d a b c b No. Description Accounting for internally-created intangibles. Reporting of "negative goodwill." Accounting for goodwill. MC TF = True-False MC = Multiple Choice E = Exercise P = Problem MC MC E 90. Because of its unique plant, Riser Corporation does not feel the competing patent can be used in producing a product. Codification assignments –focus on vocabulary and basic concepts useful in understanding recognition and measurement issues covered in this class.Codification assignments must be done on a computer. went to court this year and successfully defended its patent from infringement by a competitor. patents and amortized over the legal life of the patent. patents and amortized over the remaining useful life of the patent.


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