International Sports Events Essay

Baade and Matheson (2004) state, that hosting such event requires large amounts of expenditure on the infrastructure as well as on security (as cited in Maassoume Barghchi, Dasimah bt. Matos (2006) distinguishes three main benefits of such events, which are called ‘holy trinity of mega events benefits’, namely economic growth, infrastructure legacies and image promotion; economic benefits are responsible for justifying ‘mega event’, covering all the investments and expenditures (as cited in Florek, Breitbarth, & Conejo, year, p. As far as ‘mega event’ is justified, it can be considered as a successful ‘mega event’.

Sydney Olympic Games, which was held in the year 2000, can be a good example of a successful event.

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All the mentioned impacts are very important for the hosting area and before the organizing a ‘major sport event’ they should be deeply analyzed on a particular country in order to succeed.

International Sports Events Essay

Economic impacts of ‘major sports events’ like Olympic Games or FIFA World Cup are very difficult to predict.

Therefore, not every ‘mega sport event’ can be successful, which means that not all economic impacts are positive.

Ritchie, Shipway and Cleeve (2009) affirm that “the costs associated with hosting a mega sporting event, such as the Olympics may outweigh the positive benefits for some residents, who may reduce or withdraw their support for the event” (pp.145-146) .

Nowadays, tourism is the most reliable factor for huge economic growth. Humphreys (year) believes that economy of Poland and Ukraine will significantly benefit in a direct way from the tourism development during the soccer competition EURO 2012 (p. When hosting a ‘mega sporting event’ it is very important to be able to provide the increase of awareness of hosting country as a tourism destination.

For that purpose, involvement of the media is necessary.


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