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Islam Essay In Urdu-89
I am very thankful to the writer of this article 'Islam Is A Religion Of Peace'.Here we can easily justify it under the lights of Quran verses.

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So Christianity takes its name from Christ; Buddhism takes its name from its founder, the Buddha; the Zoroastrians became well known by this name because their founder and standard-bearer was Zoroaster.

Similarly, Judaism took its name from a tribe known as Yehudah (Judah), so it became known as Judaism. Except for Islam, for it is not attributed to any specific man or to any specific nation, rather its name refers to the meaning of the word Islam.

“You may fight in the cause of GOD against those who attack you but do not aggress. Instructions are also clear about not destroying a temple/ church, a building, not to disfigure dead body, and not to kill who surrender or run away from battlefield.

GOD does not love the aggressors.” [0] According to these Holy verses, Muslims cannot preemptively initiate a war. Enforcing Islam on non followers is also not allowed.

To become a part of this religion I can surely says that islam the religion of peace. al-islaam: huwa istislaamu lillahe bit-tawheed wal inqiyaadu lahu bit-taa'a, wal baraa'atu min-ashshirki wa ahlihe Islam is to submit to Allaah and complete utter worship of Him and likewise it is obediently yield to Him in obedience.(Meaning the Lord of the heaven and the creator.) And which is also to dis-associate and free oneself from all sort of idolatry and the people of idolatry. t=51925ما معنى كلمة الإسلام ؟الحمد للهإذا رجعت إلى معاجم اللغة و علمت أن معنى كلمة الإسلام هو : الانقياد والخضوع والإذعان والاستسلام و الامتثال لأمر الآمر ونهيه بلا اعتراض , وإخلاص العبادة له سبحانه وتصديق خبره والإيمان به , وأصبح اسم الإسلام عَلَماً على الدين الذي جاء به محمد صلى الله عليه وسلم What is the meaning of the word Islam? If you refer to Arabic language dictionaries you will find out that the meaning of the word Islam is: submission, humbling oneself, and obeying commands and heeding prohibitions without objection, sincerely worshipping Allaah alone, believing what He tells us and having faith in Him.

The word Islam has become the name of the religion which was brought by Muhammad (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him). For all the religions on earth are called by various names, either the name of a specific man or a specific nation.

It is either the misconception about Islam that is prevailing in today’s world that Islam sponsors terrorism or the vested interest of evil forces who wishes to malign the image of Islam.

Peace is the primary duty of Islam and its adherents must come to show to the world that we are for peace and settlement not for violence and destruction.

We have sent it (this Qur’an) down in the night of Al-Qadr (Decree).

And what will make you know what the night of decree is.


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