Lateral Thinking Problem Solving

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Becoming skillful in lateral thinking requires practice.They ended up with regulations that required each new office building to have adequate park facilities attached to it. Find a way to eliminate, reduce prevent (Traffic moving in and out of city), under the condition of (Going to work). Find a way to benefit from (Traffic moving in and out of city). Find an alternative way to provide (Going to work), which provides or enhances (Work is done), and doesn’t cause (Traffic moving in and out of city). The alternatives in the “natural” search are the reasonable ones which fit in with the general idea of the problem.Later on they were forced to shift their entry point to cars moving in and out of London. The alternatives considered in a lateral search may at first sight appear to be quite unreasonable.From this entry point, it was obvious that providing every new building with car park would only increase the problem by encouraging people to go by car to work. Seems very obvious, but it takes at least a small amount of creativity. Find a way to eliminate, reduce or prevent (Street parked cars), under the condition of (Traffic moving in and out of city). De Bono suggests to list up to 5 alternatives (more than 5 will often be discouraging) in which we look at the situation in a different way.If the city planners had been using the problem formulator at least they would have been able to establish the above graph. This is his technique of “Quota of alternatives”, The problems will be discussed and followed, and they may lead to new approaches.This graph leads to several new entry points, they will all come out of the problem formulator list. Find a way to eliminate, reduce or prevent (Traffic congestion), under the condition of (Street parked cars) and (Traffic moving in and out of city). De Bono mentions that the following may happen in this process: But De Bono teaches no obvious technique to set up the new entry points or how to find the various alternatives in the Quota of alternatives.What could be more suitable for this than the list of suggestions generated by the Ideation Problem Formulator?Lateral thinking forces us away from patterns that have deep grooves in all of us, and we all know that such behavioral grooves are very difficult to get out of.Ideation’s Problem Formulator, a technique that was added to TRIZ to help develop a clear view of the exact nature of the problem that must be solved, can help us here.This chapter deals with the techniques of avoiding dominating ideas.Lateral thinking is not specifically concerned with problem analysis, nor is it concerned with proving an idea to be inadequate.


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