Lean Six Sigma Case Studies Government

Lean Six Sigma Case Studies Government-87
Six Sigma, with its emphasis in many cases on hard, current-year results, is often not associated with government agencies and their processes.

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If good data is available, Six Sigma may be useful.

If not, Lean or other continuous process improvement techniques may be more appropriate.

Unlike the profit-maker, the government agency is foremost concerned with its customers, existing to serve their interests.

If this involves financial benefit, so much the better.

Government agencies must make efforts to avoid over-regulation.

Likewise, agencies need to ensure that their administration of required regulations is as efficient as possible.

The left side of the figure below illustrates a possible cause-and-effect relationship between the perspectives in a for-profit organization.

Note that Financial reigns supreme – although Kaplan and Norton demonstrated the importance of all perspectives, Financial still represents the final “end” – because a company’s overriding responsibility is to its shareholders.

And in so doing, the agency is helping drive down the costs of its important customers – a win-win situation.

This type of red tape reduction can be illustrated using the heavy vehicle permits example.


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