Literature Review Dissertation Structure

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If you decide to focus on this section in more than one paragraph, provide your readers with a decent explanation and make your point about the relevance of your study process together with the issue researched.

Literature review is an obligatory part of the substantive research themes and dissertations.

Unless you conduct additional research, you might need to include the review in further findings.

Remember the body of the dissertation should present a consecutive list of sections, which prove your thesis and the main point and act as the supporting statements.

In other words, a review is created to fill the gap in the choice of the literature and give the full list of sources that have been informative and relevant to the current work.

Literature review is often specified in the beginning of the dissertation, as it determines the structure of the work.It gives your readers the main idea about the topic and how it should be handled later in the work.When writing an introduction, do not forget to include major elements of your future presentation and create a draft to accentuate the body paragraphs.It presents a brief survey of literature on the dissertation topic.It also serves the purpose of giving your audience a legitimate reason to explore the dissertation, stating that the research is original and the paper is written from scratch.The process of conducting and reporting your literature review can help you clarify your own thoughts about your study.It can also establish a framework within which to present and analyse the findings.It is typical for the students to provide audience with a brief summary in the first part of the dissertation to deliver a more complicated layout later.An introduction should lead the readers smoothly into the next paragraph and serve as a bridge between two supporting points, which in our case stands for the substantive chapters.Your academic department specifies the instructions and the word limit.The structure of the dissertation should contain basic elements like the title page, abstract, introduction, methodology and literature review.


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