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Theses and Dissertations can be access through JNU Web-OPAC on the intranet. MPhil students are required to submit three essays and a dissertation.

Those students often find themselves scouring the Internet for help, which is a great idea – IF you know where to look.

When you turn to an outside source for help in writing your thesis, there are many pitfalls to avoid.

To complete your Master of Philosophy degree, you need a dissertation. Phil theses are based on strong writing, the ability to demonstrate and communicate the topic and point clearly and well, and deep, complete research and analysis of that research.

Unfortunately for many students, writing and research aren't their strong points.

We will even work with you during the committee review process to make revisions and similar, when necessary.

No other online dissertation writing service offers the level of highly personalized and attentive customer service that we do, and we pride ourselves on that fact! Phil dissertation is arguably the most crucial element when it comes to graduating with your degree and being able to join the workforce in your chosen field to start your career, the importance of having a well written and excellently researched paper cannot be understated.

It is expected that no more than one essay shall be submitted in any one of the subject areas, but with permission from the Degree Committee up to two essays may be submitted in the same subject area.

You are permitted to write your dissertation in the same general area as one of your essays, but the dissertation and essay must address different questions, and the dissertation must show evidence of a substantial new research effort.

You are not permitted to work with the same supervisor for more than two pieces of coursework.

If you would like to work with an external supervisor – someone who is not a member of the Department – you must obtain permission from the MPhil Manager.


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