Mass Effect 3 Assignments

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With a seemingly endless wave of enemies pouring toward you, it can be easy to forget about that terminal youre supposed to hack.

You wont have an objective every round, but when you do, keep it in mind.

side mission and an N7 mission, for example, is that sometimes, to complete a side-mission, players must explore the universe, and specific planets; while in an N7 mission, Shepard and his crew will be sent to different combat zones to complete specific objectives.

Because of this, most side-missions can be completed faster; however there are several side-missions that involve combat situations.

Youll get a few with every upgrade pack you buy, always make sure each character has two on every gun.

Most give boosts to damage or ammo capacity, but scopes and melee attachments can completely change your strategy with a given weapon.

Missions come in three challenge ratings, Bronze, Silver and Gold.

Completing a mission will net you about 15,000, 30,000 or 60,000 credits, respectively.

You can choose from Recruit, Veteran and Spectre packs, and whatever special Bioware might be offering.

As far as which packs to buy, its really up to you.


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