Mba Sponsorship Essay

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Student Loans and Financial Aid While many associate the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) with their undergraduate days, Vanderbilt Executive MBA students can actually apply for financial aid through this program.

“This is a full-time program, eligible for the FAFSA, and you can get student loans for all of it,” Bennett said.

“We will work with our students to help them articulate the return on investment that the employer is going to get from them participating in Vanderbilt’s Executive MBA program,” Bennett said.

Fairbank notes that because the program spans three calendar years, students often receive three years of company sponsorship.

There are also websites available that can match you with outside scholarships after you fill out a profile; you then apply for the scholarships by submitting an essay.

Company Sponsorships Executive MBA students are often eligible for some level of financial support from their employer, as getting an MBA significantly contributes to their professional development.

“Many applicants’ first instinct is to focus on what an MBA teaches: ‘I’ll come back with X, Y and Z business skills! “While an MBA gives students a powerful business toolkit, the skills you learn in an MBA program can usually also be learned in the workplace.

If you go in saying ‘I need to strengthen my quant analysis skills,’ you could easily walk out with just an offer to pair you with a strong quantitative mentor at the company.” Rather, according to Mitrakos, applicants should focus on how the MBA can help them bring back “business practices and fresh ideas.” “By working on business projects with classmates from other companies (even competitors), you will learn new processes and strategies that you can bring home with you after graduation,” Mitrakos writes.

“In a less formal setting, discovering your company’s history of employee sponsorships is essential.” YOUR PITCH Once you’ve understood your company’s policy around sponsorship, you’ll want to spend time sharpening your pitch.

Mitrakos stresses that the biggest mistake at this stage is failing to frame the MBA degree’s true value.


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