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Final Section: Here you can indicate that you would like the opportunity to talk with the employer to learn more about their opportunities or hiring plans.You can suggest different dates or tell about your availability/flexibility.It gives quick introduction about you, your abilities, and skills.

For that reason, the cover letter and resume that you construct invariably create the impression, and it could be your only chance to engage a prospective employer!

It is critical that you make an outstanding first impression that will urge an employer to take a closer look. Remember that the cover letter is a gateway to the resume.

I am a dependable, hard-working, and capable candidate looking to secure a Medical Transcription position within a healthcare facility where my skills and work ethic can be utilized in a productive and professional fashion.

I am eager to gain as much education and hands on training I can get. Should you have a vacancy for an individual with my experience, drive, and enthusiasm, you may call me at (xxx)-xxx-xxxx and I can be reached via email: [email protected] I will be in touch. Sincerely, Your Name Your Name Your Street Address Your City, State, Zip Code Your Phone Number Email Date Employer Name Company Address City, State, Zip Code Dear Mr./Ms.

Third Section (If required): Write something most important or unique quality about yourself that will make the employer more interested in your resume.

If you have done some research about this firm/company then you should demonstrate it because it shows that you have taken some time to think this position/company and makes a good impression on potential employer.If you agree that my educational experience, eagerness to learn, and enthusiasm for the job complement your needs for the position of medical transcription, please contact ne at (xxx)xxx-xxxx at your convenience.Your chosen career field in Medical Transcription/Healthcare Documentation is unique in that much of the MT/HDS population works from home in a virtual environment.Your Name Your Street Address Your City, State, Zip Code Your Phone Number Email Date Employer Name Company Address City, State, Zip Code RE: (reference position applied for, if one is available): Dear Mr./Ms.Last Name, First Section: This first section tells why you are contacting the employer/person, mentions where you read or come to know about the job position.Last Name, I am applying for the medical transcriptionist position that was advertised in our local newspaper.I am excited about the potential of working with a company such as yours. When you peruse my resume, you will find that I am new to the field of medical transcription.Adding a personal touch can be as simple as customizing the cover letter to a specific employer. The second paragraph should outline qualifications for the position and focus on the most relevant aspects of your background.The best cover letters also include examples of accomplishments and quantifiable results.I am eager to increase my knowledge and continue my learning I have proven myself in my previous roles and would like the opportunity to become a valued member of your team.Please contact me at (xxx)-xxx-xxxx if you require any further information.


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