Micro Brewery Business Plan

Visit gourmet grocery stores to see who they sell to.It would be nice if you opened your brewery and customers showed up just like magic. Marketing strategies are how you tell potential customers what you have to offer.

This business plan illustrates the author's intention to purchase and renovate the assets and leases of an existing business and then establish and operate a microbrewery restaurant in its place.

Look for a variety of financial information, including forecasts of operating costs, income, balance sheets, and cashflow, in addition to discussions of taxes and the history of brewing, and a listing of the menu contents and beers.

If the brewery is not as profitable as you would like, you'll struggle paying the money back.

In any case, have your attorney draw up a contract that specifies the details of the funding, whether it's a loan or an investment, and how it's paid back.

A home equity loan or using your credit card is another.

You may think friends and family would be a good source, but be careful.

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Another question to decide is how big your brewery will be.

Will you be making beer in small batches or in 50-gallon containers?


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