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” And we recognize that a president is inevitably a partisan. The office of the president is a constitutional office before it is a partisan one.

They can help curate the polity’s legal infrastructure to enable the fullest inclusion of voices, while not hiding or denying the political legitimacy of deep disagreements.

That is to say, the president need not affirm that opponents’ concerns are right, but simply that there must be a way of taking on good faith the different commitments of people as genuinely their own, and worthy of consideration for ourselves.

There have been dramatic jurisprudential decisions, such as and the rash of recent cases regarding religious exemptions to the Affordable Care Act, and other issues related to sexuality and marriage.

(Trump’s own declared intention to enact a nationwide “Religious Freedom” act will likely simply exacerbate these conflicts.) Furthermore, changing demographics and cultural norms will likely encourage more such cases to be brought.

Flores and Charles Mathewes President Donald Trump took office in a situation of extraordinarily heightened expectations and anxieties about who we are.

In his inaugural address—his first words as president—he doubled down on his campaign rhetoric, proclaiming a policy of “America First.” Yet rather than uniting the nation, his first weeks in office seem to have deepened polarization and anxiety.

Past as prologue The president of the United States is the only person elected by the entire United States.

Because of this, from its beginnings the presidency has had a unique function as representative of the entire nation.

How he responds to those expectations and anxieties will set the tone for his term of office.

How, then, should this particular “First Citizen” rightly engage, and successfully embrace, our national gift of pluralism?


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