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When one student has submitted, the other members of the group will be able to see who still has to submit.: If a particular grouping is selected here, then the gradebook will display any other groups and non-grouped students in the "default group", while naming the group(s) that are in the chosen grouping.If "none" is selected, then the gradebook will display the names of all groups and put any non-grouped students in the "default group".): If set to Yes, then students are able to collaborate on an assignment.

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Students may submit digital files (such as word-processed documents, spreadsheets, images, or audio and video clips), or type text directly into a text submission box.

activities can also be used to describe and grade work students will complete offline, such as art work, performances, or classroom presentations.

To add restrictions on accessing the activity, click Add restriction...

The For more on controlling access to activities see Control Access to Resources and Activities in Moodle.

Select the appropriate Grade Category to add this assignment as a Grade item within this Category.

This setting determines the minimum grade required to pass.

The value is used in activity and course completion, and in the gradebook, where pass grades are highlighted in green and fail grades in red.: If this setting is enabled, then a teacher will not see the names of students who have submitted their assignments.

Instead, they will see randomly generated Participant numbers.

Locate the student and click the action icon in the Edit column. If not, then, unless you manually lock a student's assignment, then they can continue to edit it for as long as they like.) : If a student is allowed to resubmit, this setting will determine how many times they can resubmit before they are no longer allowed to do so.

(For example, if a student has to keep trying until they get a pass grade, the teacher might decide that ten attempts is enough even though they have not yet passed!


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