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He suggested that these intelligences existed in everyone; this challenged the traditional view that there were only two types of intelligences, and this has given a new perspective to cognitive sciences.

He suggested that these intelligences existed in everyone; this challenged the traditional view that there were only two types of intelligences, and this has given a new perspective to cognitive sciences.

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Some of those prominent figures include Nelson Goodman, Jean piaget, Erik Erikson, and Jerome Bruner.

Currently, Garner is serving as a professor in Boston University School of Medicine and Harvard University.

Enumerating the eight different types of intelligence, namely, linguistic, logical-mathematical, visual-spatial, kinesthetic, musical, naturalist, interpersonal and intrapersonal, the author then goes on to discuss each type of intelligence separately, dwelling upon the special skills and abilities each type of intelligence generates. Izzat Waseem Mary English Language Teaching 19 April A Critique on Multiple Intelligences in the room by Thomas Armstrong “Multiple Intelligences in the Classroom” by Thomas Armstrong (1994) is based on the theory of multiple intelligences, which was presented by Dr.

Howard Gardener, professor of education at Harvard University.

Howard Gardner’s multiple intelligence theory is “a classical model by which to understand and teach many aspects of human intelligence, learning style, personality and behaviour - in education and industry” (Chapman, 2009).

Earlier tools were limited in providing real-time support through mutual collaboration; however, most recent tools for......?

The members of Islam admire the holy soldier as the Chinese praise the person who is poetic and skilled in music, calligraphy, archery, and drawing.

Western societies in the present century value the intelligent person.

We are all endowed with multiple, genetically determined forms of intelligence that can......

MULTIPLE INTELLIGENCE Summary In his paper en d 'Multiple Intelligence'; the Thomas Titus discusses Howard Gardner's theory of Multiple Intelligence and its positive impact on the teaching process.


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