My Favourite Personality Essays

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Iqbal was the foremost Muslim thinker of his period, and in his many volumes of poetry (written in Urdu and Persian) and essays, he urged a regeneration of Islam through the love of God and the active development of the self.

He was a firm believer in freedom and the creative force that freedom can exert on men.

Environment and Heredity is kind of the main reasons of my attitudes and actions.

In the article, Time-Limited Psychodynamic Psychotherapy, Briggs conducts different forms of psychotherapy techniques to prove whether things in an adolescent’s life effect different adolescents differently.

I like to look at myself as a genuine, thoughtful young lady.

I’m a hard worker; I believe nothing is ever handed to you so you have to go get it.Indian Muslim poet, philosopher, and political leader.He studied at Government College, Lahore, Cambridge, and the Univ.The problems have taken on a global dimension now and transcend the barriers of race, color, language, geography, and social, political and religious ideologies.Most of the problems of mankind are universal in nature and, therefore, require a universal approach to the solution.Because it is based on permanent (absolute) values given in the Quran.In Iqbal's opinion, Islam is not a religion in which individuals strive for a private subjective relationship with God in the hope of personal salvation as it is done in secular systems.Iqbal considered the Quran not only as a book of religion but also a source of foundational principles upon which the infrastructure of an organization must be built as a coherent system of life.According to Iqbal, this system of life when implemented as a living force is ISLAM.I was taught to be caring and thoughtful; I wasn’t taught anything else from anyone other than not to trust people.I’m the odd ball of my family because I am nothing like anyone.


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