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The frenetic pace of the surrounding city can be exhausting, and your sense of personal space will be challenged on a daily basis walking Broadway, Fifth Avenue, and other busy streets.If you’re from a rural area, you’ll likely find yourself riding public transit for the first time (and subsequently not understanding what an “express” train is until it’s too late).The belief or idea discussed is less important than the passion an applicant brings to it from an admissions committee perspective.

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In keeping with past years, the Common Application will ask applicants to choose a single prompt to address.

When sitting down to write your NYU Personal Essay, you may find it difficult to choose which prompt to answer.

Regardless which prompt you select, Accepted has tips for tackling it.

Below you will find strategies to best address each prompt and build the strongest Personal Essay possible.

You and your fellow students will likely be hundreds or even thousands of miles from home, and while you might not get homesick that first semester, chances are you’ll feel those pangs at some point during your student experience.

As a consequence of these factors, the NYU Admissions team wants to admit students prepared to handle difficult situations who can approach failure opportunistically—applicants who possess the emotional maturity and resolve to get through a tough time and come out the other side an improved person.When thinking about an example you might draw on for this essay, consider that the topic you explore may be used by NYU Admissions as a measuring stick to determine whether or not you can handle the emotional and physical challenges of life in New York City over an exciting but challenging four years.This essay is therefore perhaps best addressed by discussing a time you felt overwhelmed by a place or situation and how you dealt with it.There’s nothing special about me.” However, that is unlikely to be the case.Did you grow up in an atypical setting that helped shape who you are (e.g., hopping from military base to military base abroad if you’re a US citizen who is also a military child)?Don’t forget to have conversations with close family and friends, guidance counselors, and teachers you respect to get their takes on your unique qualities. When NYU is building its incoming class, it wants to fill it with as much idiosyncrasy as possible.And in a university as large and as truly global as NYU has become, be confident there is a place for you and what makes you unique if you take enough time to identify it.Applicants tend to assume that a focus in business or engineering might allow them to waive this emphasis on rhetoric and strong writing skills in college, but in NYU’s case this assumption proves incorrect.Engineering and business students must also complete Writing the Essay as a core requirement.New York City, while one of the most dynamic and fascinating cities on earth, is not necessarily the easiest place to spend your college years.Centralized around Washington Square Park, NYU’s campus lacks the rolling hills and quad of the prototypical American university.


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