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For collection in book form, Spencer added a Preface and a Postscript.In 1892 the book was reissued with the addition of a few notes in reply to criticism of the first edition….

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Two editions have circulated in the United States in the last forty years.

In 1940 Caxton Printers, Ltd., of Caldwell, Idaho, issued an edition with an Introduction by Albert Jay Nock.

Cf., The Principles of Ethics (Indianapolis: Liberty Fund, 1978) ii p. Yet in 1888 Spencer was still attacking conscription as the natural product of militarism and as an unjust imposition on the “working classes.” Duncan, i, pp. The Man Versus the State: The Coming Slavery Though this book leans on political philosophy, economics, and history, it leans on each lightly enough to remain accessible to the educated general reader, for whom it is mainly intended.

Its central theme—how state and society interact to disappoint and render each other miserable—may concern a rather wide public among both governors and governed.

Data on original publication are provided at the beginning of each essay. Wiltshire’s The Social and Political Thought of Herbert Spencer (Oxford: Oxford University Press, 1978) is the most systematic on the topic.

Two remarkably dry and impersonal accounts of Spencer’s life are: An Autobiography of Herbert Spencer 2 volumes (New York: D. Duncan’s Life and Letters of Herbert Spencer 2 volumes (New York: D. It is personally sympathetic, highly informative, but too conventional in its own theoretical perspective and evaluation.

We have grown extremely dependent on artificial intelligence.

However, it is widely believed that artificial intelligence cannot replace human intelligence, as man is the creator of machines.

Human brain can work constantly and more efficiently to create and make use of something wisely.

Humans are capable of learning, grasping, understanding the concept of various things.


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