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Annemarie Johansen is the main character in the story, she is a ten year old girl that lives with her parents and sister at their home.

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I liked her because she is strong when she needs to be, and is a friend when she needs to be.

Annemarie was willing to save her friend by risking her and her life.

How does the past impact the way the characters of Number the Stars view the present and the future? Johansen's stories play in forming Annemarie's attitude towards the present and her ambitions for the future?

Why do you think it is important that Lois Lowry write a book about such a mature subject for younger children?

Describe how Annemarie's concept and understanding of how to be heroic progress throughout the novel.

Include specific examples from the text to support your answer. Choose at least five characters and write how they demonstrate heroism.Prejudice (religious, economic, philosophic, racial) anti-Semitism Holocaust Genocide (Define, Discuss causes, examples in history) Stereotype Ethnocentrism Racism Final Solution Concentration Camps Collaborators Perpetrator Bystander Auxiliaries Scapegoat Ghettos Slave labor Propaganda Resistance (passive, slowdown, direct, moral, economic, physical) Kristallnacht Einsatzgruppen (3) Create a Found Poem.A Found Poem is a collection of luminous words or phrases quoted from a piece of literature.I selected this book because it was by Lois Lowry and I read other books by her so I thought that this book would be good.I also chose this book because it was a Newberry award winner.Write an essay contrasting the fairy tale world and the actual events surrounding Ellen and Annemarie.Be sure to use specific examples from the story to support your contrasts.Use specific examples from the text to support your answers and essay.In many aspects of this novel, characters needed to think and react quickly.Ellen is almost caught when soldiers come to the house asking questions about the daughter's identity but she is still kept a secret.Ellen is taken to Annemaries uncle's house where they are able to escape to Sweden by hiding in a hidden compartment of a boat.


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