Old Spice Case Study Using Social Media To Revitalise A Brand

Old Spice Case Study Using Social Media To Revitalise A Brand-84
Savvy bloggers know this marketing secret and that is to keep the content pumping.The “Old Spice” campaign which was video centric managed to produce 100’s of videos led by a team of 4 writers, a camera crew and a half naked actor.In an effort to improve its market standing – and revenues – the company engaged the award-winning advertising agency, Wieden Kennedy, known for its iconic Nike “Just Do It” and Chrysler “Imported from Detroit” ad campaigns, among many others.

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Wieden Kennedy created the original ad for the Super Bowl for their client Procter and Gamble the owners of the iconic Old Spice brand.

The ad featured former NFL athlete Isaiah Mustafa and was a a video centric marketing campaign that combined both traditional and social media.

Their solution was the Response Campaign, in which the Old Spice Guy would respond to questions submitted by fans through a variety of social media channels, including Facebook and Twitter, through a series of You Tube videos.

In less than three days, Wieden Kennedy filmed over 180 video responses to questions from fans and celebrities, and then posted them on You Tube.

The approach was certainly quantity over quality which social media advocates will recognise.

Don’t wait for your post to be perfect before hitting the publish button because it never will be.

Since its initial launch, the original You Tube ad has been viewed over 45 million times, and is the recipient of the 2010 Cannes Lions Film Grand Prix award and Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Commercial.

The colossal success of the “The Man Your Man Could Smell Like” ad gave rise to an ongoing social media campaign, which bolstered the company to explosive success.

The latests reiteration was last month with a rival introduced called Fabio (an ageing male super model) and cleverly called the “New Old Spice Guy”

v=H73O8za Hm Ao The creators of the campaign decided to add a negative twist to rejuvenate the campaign by introducing a rival “Fabio” the “New Old Spice Guy” and had the viewers vote on who they preferred .


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