Ontario Psychology Undergraduate Thesis Conference

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Work settings may also provide students with the opportunity to observe other professionals, hence providing a broader and more informed basis for the selection of a post graduate program appropriate to the student's talents and interests.Note that completion of the program does not, however, represent a professional qualification in psychology, which requires further study at the graduate level.

Expand your course options while immersing yourself in a new culture. Volunteering is a great way to show your interest in your field while gaining some basic experience; it is also typically less demanding than a job and less competitive for those who are starting out.

Many organizations welcome volunteers – as do many faculty.

The research courses offered by our department give students the opportunity to perform research under the guidance of a supervisor, who is typically also a UTSC professor.

This can be a great way to build skills for scientific inquiry, further advancing one’s knowledge and gaining relevant experience especially for those interested in pursuing a career in research.

Completed forms must be submitted both in soft copy to [email protected] hard copy to the Course Coordinator (SW427C) for review by the Psychology Delegated Ethics Review Committee prior to data collection.

Once approved, a protocol number and expiry date will be provided.

Students must also complete the course on animal care prior to commencing any work with animals.

Both PI’s and students are responsible for ensuring successful completion of all relevant animal care modules.

Be sure to also review the list of available faculty supervisors.

Course-based Research involving Human Participants The University is responsible for reviewing all course-based research involving human participants.


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