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Salome by Oscar Wilde Oscar Wilde’s gruesome and controversial play begs and important question. Perhaps the very fact that she remains unnamed is part of the mystery and problem that is Salome.

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Though they were not aristocrats, the Wildes were well-off and provided Oscar with a fine education.

Oscar was especially influenced by his mother, a brilliantly witty raconteur, and, as a child, he was frequently invited to socialize with her intellectual circle of friends.

This manner shows that Wilde is ridiculing the upper class and their way of thought.

Oscar Wilde was born in 1854 in Dublin, Ireland to prominent intellectuals William Wilde and Lady Jane Francesca Wilde.

Throughout the play Salome is subjected to the male gaze.

She desires to see the prophet Jokanaan and is forbidden.The play is quite naturalistic so Wilde commences the opening of act one with a social conversation.The purpose of the play is to portray women’s attitudes and views on their current century.He moved to Chelsea, an avant-garde neighborhood in London, but his father's death and the family's snowballing debts forced him to embark on a lecture tour of the United States in 1882.Upon arriving at customs, Wilde made his now-famous statement: "I have nothing to declare except my genius." On tour, he dressed in a characteristically flamboyant style.In this way, Salome attains power through reverse scopophila.But just what does this dance of the seven veils represent?Each of the characters introduced in the play is unique from one another, they’re point of view on life in general is diverse.To create a contrast between the characters in the play, Oscar Wilde introduces the personalities of Hester and Lady Caroline.This enables Wilde to illustrate different ideas, customs and perception of society from both the American and British points of Gerald Arbuthnot is a working class man, who has been given the chance to be Lord Illingworth’s secretary.Hearing this news, Lady Caroline remarks that he has been given a privilege whereas Hester questions Gerald if he’s happy about it.


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