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In Smartwork5, you can alter assignments settings such as the due date, time limit, and attempt limits on questions for one or more students in your Student Set.

So while we can appreciate the insight the textbook provides, we should not let it confine our dreams for what America will become.

Furthermore, the format of the textbook itself give impressions that some histories are more important than others.

You can extend the due date before or after a student completes an assignment.

To extend a student’s due date for an assignment, do the following: In Smartwork5, you can remove and credit a question from an active assignment.

Doing this will remove the question from the assignment for all students, regardless of whether they worked on the assignment or not.

Students who have already submitted their assignment for a grade will see that their grade recalculates without the question you removed.

Without getting overexcited, I’m going to say that maybe that’s a good thing: to step away from the “facts” and to not do as you’re told.

I find that, in attempting to make whatever subject more interesting, authors of textbooks can unintentionally inject their work with their biases.

The expressive language that our fine author David Kennedy uses may have had the justifiable incentive to engage the readers.

Nevertheless, his diction and syntax can cast an unexpected shadow over the portrayal of characters in history.


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