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However, there are also several methodological limitations in the existing evidence.

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To study the health aspects of stressful work characteristics, general theoretical work-stress models, like those for job strain (4) and effort–reward imbalance (5), have been developed and tested.

Also in this issue of the Scandinavian Journal of Work Environment & Health, several papers (3, 6, 7, 8) have used these models and more-recent conceptualizations, such as organizational injustice, to explore the association between work stress and health.

Profound changes occurring in the economic, political, technological, and social landscape have transformed the world.

And because the world has changed, also the world of work has changed (1).

He emphasizes the following four developments: increased internationalization and competition, increased utilization of information and communication technology, the changing configuration of the workforce, and flexibility and new organizational practices.

Papers Research Stress Work

He concludes that new systems of work organization have become more prevalent, but do no not represent a radical change across the whole economy, and that their effects (good or bad) depend on their design, implementation, and management.Therefore, perceived control over worktimes may reduce health problems that derive from work stress and also from stress due to conflicting demands from paid and domestic work.Indeed, high employee worktime control has been shown to predict good subjective health and less sickness absence and to be associated with reduced stress-related absenteeism (14, 15).The excess risk is partially attributable to an elevated level of work stress after such changes (12).Thus the evidence available indicates that the contribution of work stress to the disease burden on employees is substantial.A positive, albeit weak, relation has been found between long workhours and ill health (13).Long workhours can affect health by impairing the employee’s possibilities for sufficient recovery, both mentally and physiologically.At the same time, job and work security have decreased.Moreover, work and family life have become blended.Furthermore, due to the systematic intensification of work, the psychosocial workload has increased.Accordingly, today, for many employees, work poses primarily mental and emotional demands.


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