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For the majority of them, such events come about during adolescence stage or in early childhood.However, for Franz Kafka in “The Metamorphosis”, this event takes place in adult life.

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But the most interesting story is the insect-like transformation, particularly the image of insect-like person lying helplessly on his back and waving his tiny insect-like legs in the atmosphere.

The first reason as to why no one tried to cure Gregor Samsa after he turned into an insect is because of the rules and regulations of the society: the society creates social order to protect and help its people.

In his book, “The Metamorphosis”, Franz Kafka exemplifies the translation of personal beliefs of existentialism.

The author gives a haunting story of an individual who transformed from being a human being to an insect.

It formulates regulations and rules for its people to live by.

Although these rules are not only meant to assist people living in a given society but also promote prosperity and growth, they sometimes have adverse effect on individuals.Such constringent forms of true self make human beings to face problems in their family units.The author shows how Gregor tries to abide by social rules and norms to attain his goals in life.The story has attracted lots of comments where more people agree on the importance and high quality of the story.However, it is commonly agreed that this story reveals a hostile world that is possibly absurd.The reason for Gregor's transformation has not been disclosed, and Kafka himself has never explained it.Throughout the life of many people, several events mold their identity.Conversely, he isolated himself from his family in this Metamorphosis process.Given that the family unit is part of society, Gregor was totally considered to have gone against the society rules.Various factors in private life may have a negative influence on self concept.Focusing on the negative self-concept, you can see the repeat variables in their social environment that can cause depressive symptoms.


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